Paris Wilson Account Executive & Social Media Engagement Manager

Paris Wilson started off as an intern with us while she was attending University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Once graduated we happily added her onto the team full time. She came to us with a background in the beauty industry after working at Sephora for 5 years, where she was their Events Coordinator.

Throughout her 3 years with the agency, Paris has utilized her Communications degree from UNLV and built her relationships with media. Paris has grown up in the digital age, which really allows her to understand the social media world that we live in now. Since social media and influencer engagement are some of the services that Y Communications & Consulting offer, Paris really takes ownership in those departments. Paris specializes in influencer outreach, media campaigns and social media management for several of our clients.

When Paris isn’t researching new content creators and managing social media accounts you can find her at the gym or volunteering and working with kids at church.